A Time for Thanks

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

Today is a time to reflect on the many ways we've all been blessed. And hundreds of people put their reflections into words in the Central Kentucky News-Journal's annual Thanksgiving Essay Contest.

The contest asked readers to think about how they have been blessed and what they're most thankful for in their lives.

A winner was selected from three different age categories. Judges had an extremely difficult time choosing this year's winners. Each of the age categories had several finalists, and all of the scores were close.

Nine-year-old Blake Moss is the winner of the children's division. A student at Taylor County Elementary School, Blake wrote that he is reminded everyday that he has blessings in his life.

"I realize I do not know a lot of things, but I do know how important my family is to me. I also feel blessed to have a younger brother and sister. I know they are young and they look up to me now, but one day when we all get older I know I'll need them just as much."

But in addition to his family, Blake says, "... On a hot summer day, I'm thankful for the gentle breeze of a dusty ball field, where I could forever dream of playing baseball."

Paige Wilson, a 13-year-old student at Taylor County Middle School, is the winner of the teen category. Paige wrote that she also has much to be thankful for.

"I have so much to be thankful for, so many blessings and gifts from God. Yet so many times I take those everyday little things like family, friends, health and spiritual comfort for granted when I know that somewhere in this cold, dark world someone would love to have what I do."

Wendi Brockman of Campbellsville is the winner of the adult division. Brockman wrote about her grandmother and the difference she has made in Brockman's life.

"Grandmothers have a way of teaching others without saying a word. She has a way of loving everyone that comes her way and always putting them before herself. She has taught me so much by taking what life gives her and making the best out of it. She is the person that I hope I can be someday. She is the person that makes me want to be a better person. She is my Granny."

All winners receive a one-year subscription to the Central Kentucky News-Journal. Each winner will also receive gifts from "The Book" Store, Green River Cinema 6, Studio 434 and Natalie's Unique Gifts.

Each of the three winning essays in printed elsewhere on this page.

The News-Journal staff enjoyed reading all of the essays submitted. And we wish you and yours a blessed holiday.

-Editor Rebecca Cassell can be reached at 465-8111 Ext. 227 or at editor@cknj.com.