Think before you vote

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By The Staff

To parents, soon-to-be parents, grandparents and those who really do have concern about what kind of nation and city you live in, do the parents of school kids really want their children to spend eight hours at school, 3-4 hours of homework so they can score high on a Commonwealth Accountability Test System to help Kentucky school systems look good or maybe smart as other states?

Let's see, up early to get ready, eight hours at school, home at 3:30-4:30, wind down or snack, then homework, then supper, then bed. No playtime, no recreation with family or friends. No life as a child or teen.

Is this really what you want?

Research says 88 percent of teachers and other parents don't. How about the Kentucky House of Representatives and Senate that voted down the casino bill because the people of Kentucky have told their representative no to casinos? Anyone who knows about casinos knows there are 1,000 times more losers than a single winner.

Casinos cause hardship and pain more than prosperity and happiness. But Gov. Steve Beshear said so what to all of us who don't want this in our or our children's lives. He has said to the House and Senate, get it together we are getting casinos.

Twelve is his plan, all this in two months. What is next? Same-sex unions? Kill more babies so women can be accountable for their permissive lifestyle or to kill more babies for research? Embryonic stem cells have not cured anything. But adult stem cells have cured 80-plus diseases.

What about higher taxes or to take the reference to God out of our nation? Or what about making us an international country as others governed by the U.N.? Or what about social health care where people are dying daily because that system is flawed and don't work? Oh yeah, that's what Beshear's political party stands for.

I wonder how long it will take him or them to take these actions? I exhort you to not vote on a sound bite or a smooth talking politician. But with moral principles and a sober, sound mind to see how they voted in Congress on the policies. Not all but some have made a career by deception and lies. Yes, all this is fact, just because one doesn't know that or if they deny it, it doesn't change the truth. The truth will make you free.

Barry Gilpin