They are only kids once

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By The Staff

Today is Halloween. My 79-year-old father and my 76-year-old mother drove more than 600 miles from Missouri to take my children trick-or-treating. This is something they have done for many years, and each year we worry this will be the last year they will be able to make the trip.

I rushed home today after work to help my children get into their costumes, only to find out that they had homework.

Their summers have been shortened to almost nothing. Now you're taking Halloween away from them, too?

They are only kids once. Can they not go one day without homework? Good grief. Why give a child homework on Halloween?

My oldest daughter has a test tomorrow (Thursday). And, no, she hasn't known about it for days ... it was announced to them TODAY that the test will be tomorrow. Tonight, you will see my daughter walking around with her precious grandfather, studying for a test by flashlight, while her siblings trick or treat.

Thank you so very much. I want my children to be smart. I want them to be educated. But, honestly, I don't think having one night off from homework will prevent them from getting into college.

Christine Cundiff