These don't get any easier to write

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Community loses two classy people

By Bobby Brockman


I almost turned my cell phone off last night and for good reason.
The first two nights of this week had come word that a pair of “class acts” had passed away.
Barbara Dabney and Kimble Jessie may not have had a lot in common, but yet they did.
Dabney watched her son and grandchildren play sports as did Jessie.
She was much more laid-back in sports, outwardly rooting for her “team” to win while he did likewise in addition to being involved as a coach, sponsor and board member.
They both were heavily involved in their community and were head-strong in their opinions, choices and decisions.
My relationship with each was quite different.
Being on my best behavior around the extremely nice and polite Ms. Dabney, sports did come up involving the local squads or her rooting interests.
Kimble on the other hand could argue over sports as much as this guy. However, there were never any grudges held.
The closest one came on a disagreement at our local sports bar — Jeff’s Food Mart — (probably a UK-U of L thing) that I had quickly forgotten.
However, as soon as I arrived back at the office, Kimble was on the phone apologizing to me.
I relayed to him that an apology wasn’t necessary, that I still loved and respected him as much as I ever did. And, he knew that then.
This ole sports editor is not getting younger. But, it doesn’t matter how many of these type columns I write, they don’t get any easier to pen.
Our community is much weaker and less prominent today than it was yesterday after losing these two “giants” to our maker.