There is help for those in foreclosure

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By The Staff

In response to the Dec. 27 front-page article concerning home foreclosures, Sunset Beach Properties is trying very hard to work directly with local people and local banks to buy property before it goes into the foreclosure process.

We can not only pay off the note but provide a little financial aid and manpower assistance to move that family as well as provide money for the immediate future. We also help in the form of not ruining one's credit.

By paying off the note, not only have we helped families in need, we have saved the bank thousands of dollars in legal fees and loss of equity.

We cannot help everyone, but the article mentioned that the foreclosure rate has risen very little in this area - 43 foreclosures last year compared to 55 this year ending Dec. 31, 2007.

That's almost a 28 percent increase from last year, and I bet those 12 extra families don't feel any more comfort knowing our foreclosure rate is not a big change.

Dale Cecil

Glen Ellen, Calif.