Their 'success' is our success

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By The Staff

In today's newspaper, readers will notice a new addition. It's called Success Stories. And each month throughout the year, a new Success feature will be published.

The feature stories are written by the news staff to run simultaneously with advertisements purchased by those businesses that choose to participate. The businesses listed in the advertisements at the bottom of the "Success" page will be featured in the upcoming months' stories.

Some of the stories will be about businesses that have been around for decades. Others will focus on new businesses. All have one thing in common: they are successful businesses in Taylor County. And that success contributes not only to the local economy but to the community as a whole.

Businesses not only pay taxes and provide jobs for our residents, but business owners also become members of the local Chamber of Commerce and our civic groups. They have families and support our schools.

That's why it's important for us to support our local businesses. Several years ago, there was a push to encourage residents to "Shop at Home." And while that slogan might not still be used, we should all consider the impact our local businesses have on our community.

Sure, it's not always possible to find everything one may want "at home," but it doesn't hurt anything to give it a shot before heading elsewhere. There's a good chance you'll find just what you need - and at a fair price as well.

That's one reason we want to bring you the "Success Stories" of our local businesses.

Their "success" is shared in equal parts by the rest of us.