Thanks to caring store employee

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On Wednesday, Oct. 5, my 24-year-old niece went to the Kroger pharmacy in the Green River Plaza with her grandmother to get their annual flu shot.
After receiving the shot, my niece shopped for a few minutes and then suddenly became ill. She almost passed out as her sugar level dropped dangerously low.

One of the pharmacists, Jericho Herringshaw, rushed to her aid. He talked with her and explained about the reaction she was having. He even hurried to the back of the store to get her some orange juice. In fact, he stayed with her until she began to feel better.
Caring and personal care like Mr. Herringshaw showed are rare in today’s world. Therefore, I wish to publicly thank him for helping my niece and her frightened grandmother.
I should note that he did say my niece’s reaction rarely happens as a result of a flu shot, so I am getting my shot next week.

Joanne Garnett Waller