Texas balloon lands in Campbellsville

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By The Staff

Staff Report

A balloon set free at an elementary school's balloon launch in Corsicana, Texas was found in Campbellsville recently.

Campbellsville resident Ed Miladin was mowing his yard on Friday, Oct. 26 when he spotted something. He said he found a broken balloon with a message attached that reads:

"Attention: Whoever finds this card!

"My name is Alex Huston. I am in the first grade at Navarro Elementary School, Corsicana, Texas. We had a balloon launch from school on Thursday, Oct. 25 to help us focus on the need to keep our bodies drug free. We are having a contest to see whose message can go the farthest and then be returned. If you would, please return this card to the school at the address above so that I can be a part of the contest. Thanks for your help."

Miladin said he thought it was interesting that the balloon was released only the day before and had traveled more than 860 miles from Texas to Kentucky.

He said his wife teaches first grade and told him that returning the balloon would mean a lot to a first-grader.

Miladin mailed the balloon back to Huston, along with a lapel pin of the state of Kentucky with Campbellsville marked as a gift from Campbellsville Mayor Brenda Allen's office and a note stating that he thought the school's balloon launch was a good idea. He also included his e-mail address.

Miladin said he doesn't know if the balloon he found would be the one that traveled the farthest before being found, but he said he hopes to hear from someone via e-mail.