Teens sought for their 'Insight'

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

Beginning in October, the Central Kentucky News-Journal is the place for the teens of our community to have their say.

All too often, teens think that grownups don't believe they have anything to say that's important. And that's certainly not the case.

That's why the News-Journal will once again publish a monthly teen page. The special page - called "Insight" - will run throughout the school year.

And applications for membership on this year's CKNJ Teen Board are now being accepted.

The page is published to let our readers know what's going on in the world of our teenagers. The News-Journal will publish the page, but local teens will write it.

Staff members at the News-Journal try to cover as much of our community as we can and we constantly ask for story ideas and information from our readers to help broaden our perspective. But we think the teen view would best be represented by teens themselves.

The truth is, many of our younger readers are a little hesitant when we ask them for information or an interview. We believe they will be more approachable by other teens. Thus, we've decided to let the younger generation tell about their world in their own words.

In the process, we want to encourage our young readers to spend time reading and using the newspaper.

Last year's board was 10 members strong. Each was only responsible for one article every other month, for a total of four during the entire school year.

These teens tackled some important issues this last year. They also included some fun things on their pages, such as feature stories and game and movie reviews.

The page will be published on the last Monday issue of each month. Positions on the board are open to teens in their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years of high school.

The News-Journal will accept applications for members of the board from now until Monday, Aug. 25. After we've chosen the board members, we will contact them and tell them when to come to an orientation meeting.

With a monthly publication date, members of the Teen Board will have to work on a deadline. The board will meet once each month with the News-Journal's editor, who will also help with design and layout of the page.

You don't have to be a great writer to apply for one of the spots. We want teens with an imagination, a desire to produce an attractive and interesting page and an interest in telling the public about teen thoughts and issues.

All you need is a good work ethic.

There's no money involved, but we hope the educational experience and the feeling of accomplishment will be worth the effort.

For more information, call 465-8111 or e-mail editor@cknj.com. Applications for the board can be picked up at the News-Journal office at 428 Woodlawn Ave.

If you know of a teen who might be interested in becoming a member of the next Teen Board, encourage them to apply.

Teenagers have great "insight," and we want to show it to you.

- Editor Rebecca Cassell can be reached at 465-8111 Ext. 227 or at editor@cknj.com. Comment on this story at www.cknj.com.