Taylor County schools to operate on $23.8 million budget

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Jeff Moreland


Taylor County Schools will operate on an overall budget of $23.8 million for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Marcie Close, finance director for Taylor County Schools, made a presentation at the Board's regular September meeting recently and told members that the district has $18.5 million in its general fund and $23.8 million for all funds, which includes grants, capital outlay building and food service funding.

"We've got our federal and state grant allocations, but that's always kind of iffy. We're hoping that's solid," Close said.

Roger Cook, superintendent at Taylor County Schools, said each year there are unexpected cuts that impact the district's budget.

"Each year, for the last I don't even know how many years, we've received surprise cuts. Cuts in transportation, cuts in your textbooks, your technology. As the state government struggles to make their budget work each year, generally when they come together each year, they can open the budget, and then in February or March, we get surprise cuts, and if it's like it has been, we'll be getting some this year. We just hope they're not too deep," Cook said.

"It's a working budget, and we can only go with what we know as of right now, but it could change."

Board member Jim Cheatham did not attend the meeting.

Also at the Meeting:

• The Board voted to accept National School Board member training hours based on a trip to Boston, Mass., where Board Chair Tony Davis made a presentation.

Cook said since making the presentation in Boston, Davis has now been asked to make a presentation in San Diego, Calif. The board voted unanimously to accept the training hours.

• Board members accepted shortened school day waivers. Cook said there are some students in the district who aren't capable of making it through the entire school day for various physical or mental reasons. He said the district has to grant such waivers when requested. He said the students can't be identified but said there are two students in the district who meet the requirements.

• The Board voted to approve indirect cost rates for the district. Cook said the approval allows the district to charge federal programs, programs with grant money, food services and others to offset the costs of custodial, maintenance, business services and other similar charges. The non-restricted rate was 11.92 percent, while the restricted rate was 2.81 percent.