Taylor County Fair horse shows are June 2

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The Taylor County Fair offers rides, competitions, food, fellowship and much more. But for those looking to strut their horses, this year's annual horse competitions will be Saturday, June 2.

Admission to the shows is $5. For more information about the shows, contact Anna Johns, show manager, at 465-6797 or visit www.taylorcountyfair.org.

Youth Horse Show

The Taylor County Youth Horse Show is for children of all ages.

The show, which begins at 2:30 p.m. at the Taylor County Fairgrounds, will feature costume and stick horse contests as well as lead line and other classes.

The lead line and stick horse contests have no entry fee. Other contests have a $2 entry fee.

Classes include costume, stick horse, ASB model, halter class (no ASB or miniature horses), youth showmanship, miniature horse halter, ASB Academy walk-trot pleasure, Tennessee Walking Horse country pleasure, ASB Academy walk-trot equitation, lead line, pony pleasure and walk and favorite gait (10 and younger), walk-trot lead line, ASB country pleasure, American Quarter Horse western pleasure, ASB junior exhibition three-gaited pleasure, command class (no canter with elimination as mistakes are made), ASB walk-trot equitation (10 and younger), Tennessee Walking Horse pleasure trail ride and ASB saddleseat equitation for those age 11 through 17.

All of those who compete in the stick horse and lead line classes will receive an award. For all others, awards from $6 to $1 will be given.

All exhibitors must be age 17 and younger.

Tommie Johns Memorial Championship Horse Show

Tommie Johns was the former president of the Saddle Club and died after suffering a heart attack. His wife, Anna, organizes the show each year in his memory.

The championship horse show will follow the youth show, and will start at 6 p.m. at the Taylor County Fairgrounds.

The American Legion color guard will do a presentation at the start of the show, which has 40 classes of competition.

Entry fees vary from $15 to $35. The lead line class has no entry fee.

Paybacks are $50, $35, $25 and $15 in all classes except three. For the racking horse and walking horse championship classes, paybacks are $135, $90, $60 and $30. Paybacks are $155, $100, $75 and $30 for the Tommie Johns' Memorial five-gaited championship class.

Tommie Johns Memorial Championship Horse Show Classes

Lead line

Pleasure driving, miniature mares halter

Pleasure pony

Mule wagon class

Miniature stallions and geldings halter

Road pony to bike, 48 inches and under

Amateur owned and trained walking

Miniature pleasure driving

Amateur chain racking

Saddleseat equitation (17 and younger)

Miniature roaster driving

Style racking

Youth walking (17 and younger)

Youth chain racking (17 and younger)

Three-gaited pleasure

Two-year-old racking

Country pleasure racking

Youth trail pleasure racking (17 and younger)

Novice walking (cannot have won blue ribbon in 2011)

Five-gaited pleasure

Three-year-old walking (no canter)

Trail pleasure racking

Amateur walking (no canter)

Pleasure trail ride (no riding suits)

Five-gaited amateur

Open chain racking

Billy Joe Clark Memorial Trail ride

Show pleasure walking

Country pleasure racking

ASB three-gaited roached mane

Open shod spotted country pleasure

Junior racking (4 years and younger)

Three- and 4-year-old amateur walking (no canter)

ASB three-gaited country pleasure

Flat shod racking

ASB three-gaited park

Open trail pleasure walking

Racking horse championship

Walking horse championship

Tommie Johns' Memorial five-gaited championship