Take time to wade through the rhetoric

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By The Staff

Tuesday is Kentucky’s general election. And all of our community’s governmental offices are up for election, from the judge/executive and magistrates to mayor and city council. Add in district judge, jailer, sheriff and school board, and there’s a full slate of local candidates to choose from. And that’s not to mention U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator.

It has certainly been a lively campaign season. But there have also been some not-so-shining moments. Rumors, innuendoes and even some outright lies have made their way across the state.

It's up to us to wade through the rhetoric and find the truth. It's our responsibility as voters to ensure that those who will make the best decisions for our community are those candidates who receive the most votes.

When we walk into the voting booth and close the curtain, it's important to ask ourselves a few honest questions:

u When I push the VOTE button, am I truly voting for the candidate I believe will do the best job?

u Have I examined all the issues I feel are most important and learned where each of the candidates stand?

We all complain about things that happen in our communities. But if we don't express our opinions about our elected officials by voting for those we believe will do the best job, then what right do we have to complain when we don't agree with something they've done?

For more information about voting, contact the County Clerk's office at 465-6677 or visit the Kentucky Secretary of State's website at http://www.sos.state.ky.us.