Support your favorite candidate

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By The Staff

Do you have a favorite candidate who's running for election this November? If so, let the community know why.

On a weekly basis, the News-Journal publishes letters on a variety of topics, but this time of year is a perfect time to focus on political races.

We anticipate there will be letters written supporting and possibly even criticizing candidates. If you support a candidate, write and tell our readers the reasons why. If there's a candidate you don't particularly like, you can write about that, too.

Just use good taste and don't libel anyone. You can say what you believe, but personal attacks or allegations that cannot be verified will not be accepted.

As many letters as possible about candidates will be published on our Opinion Page. Some letters may require that we give a candidate an opportunity to respond. In an effort to be fair, the opportunity to respond to criticism, in our opinion, is the only equitable thing to do.

The last date that letters will be accepted about candidates for the Nov. 2 general election is Friday, Oct. 22. That gives us time to get letters in the paper and time to solicit responses if necessary.

So, if you're wanting your thoughts about a particular political candidate to reach print, the earlier the submission the better.

The amount of space available and the number of letters submitted will determine how many letters are used.

Keep your letter as brief as possible, sign it and include a city of residence and a daytime telephone number where you can be reached for verification purposes.

If you have any questions, you may call us at 465-8111 or e-mail editor@cknj.com.

It's important to learn all we can about each candidate before we vote. And different opinions from different people can help us make that decision.