Support the Walsh team

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By The Staff

As a member of Bill Walsh's team in his bid for Taylor County Sheriff, I want to speak on our behalf.

Much has been made of the KSP background of several of us, and a lot of mud has been slung - often a sign of desperation. I'm not here to meet dirt with dirt. My message is simple, straight and clean: Bill Walsh as sheriff is the right man at the right time for the right reasons.

Walsh has no axe to grind. Let the critics cry and whine about who wants a job, who lost a job and who needs a job. The bottom line is there's a huge job to get done and crying doesn't make it happen.

Evidently a lot of fearful people are worried about changes in the status quo. Walsh will bring change: change to a new order of responsible, ethical, professional law enforcement. His attitude is positive, not malicious; truth, not half-hatched tales; and action, not whispered gossip and far-fetched rumors. Which do you prefer? Openness and equality will be the passwords in the sheriff's office; who you are and where you're from won't be near as important as what do you need.

Support the Walsh team. Life is about doing the right thing. It is not about attempting to deceive those who put trust and the welfare of their families and their neighbors in your care. We need you; we believe Taylor County needs us. Thank you for your support. We won't let you down.

Sammy Knopp