Superintendent's comment

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This is in response to Taylor County School Superintendent Roger Cook's comments in the Thursday, July 28 News-Journal:

A reader asks about the toys setting out at the Taylor County Elementary School, rusting away. Roger Cook's comment was: "Looks like it."

If I recall, it was just a couple of years ago that Cook was telling how Taylor County Schools were financially broke, and that a nickel tax needed to be enforced on the taxpayers of Taylor County so that we could build and have the best schools around.

Roger, let's take care of the things that the taxpayers of Taylor County have already paid for and maybe someday the taxpayers would not mind to pay an extra nickel to the school system.

Our country, state and county are in the shape they are in today, with the attitude of  "Let's raise taxes and keep on wasting," (because it is not your money).

"Looks like it's" time for a new superintendent, someone who cares enough to take care of the things we, as taxpayers, have already paid for.

Carl Lee