Students tell why they are thankful

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By Calen McKinney



With Thanksgiving Day being Nov. 28, families and friends have gathered to say thanks for all they have.

To get some insight into what children are thankful for today, local kindergarten students were asked because they know all about saying thanks, whether it's being thankful for their school, God, their families and much more.

Ten students from both Campbellsville and Taylor County elementary schools were asked to answer the question, "What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?"

Their responses are printed below.

Campbellsville Elementary School


-Josiah Castenir, 5

"Jesus. My family. My brother. My friends. That's all."

-Nora Harris, 5

"My mommy and my daddy. My friends. And that's all."

-Lanigan Price, 5

"Food. Family. My cat."

-Lucas Adkins, 5

"Turkey. [Not anything else] because I'm not used to broccoli. Just turkey."

-Brayden Hunter Judd, 5

"Helping. Giving. Loving."

-Rylee Pendleton, 6

"My friends. And my mom and dad. That's it."

-Kohei Hanada, 6

"My family. The turkey. Music. Flowers."

-Sarah Brown, 5

"I'm thankful for my brother. I'm thankful for my grandpa."

-Caysen Tungate, 5

"My family. I guess my sister and brother. I guess my mom and daddy. My brother."

-Alicia Spaulding, 5

Taylor County Elementary School

"My friends. My family. The principal. Rhinos. And dogs and cats."

-Andrew Brooks Poteet, 6

"Mom. Dad. Friends. My dogs. My cats. Teacher."

-Laci Deason, 5

"My mommy. My daddy. My sister. My brother. My other sister."

-Kendra James, 5

"My family."

-Landon Despain, 6

"My cousin."

-Raegan Cundiff, 5

"My mommy. My daddy. My brother. My nanny. My cousin. And that's it."

-Rialee Boyd, 6


-Christian Reynolds, 5

"I'm thankful for my family. My friends. My toys. I'm thankful for my uncle Matt. I'm thankful for my momma. I'm thankful for my nana. I'm thankful for my dad."

-Abigail Bennett, 5

"I'm thankful for my dog. I'm thankful for my nan and gramps. And my toys. And my cousin Ayva."

-Blane Murrey, 5

"My mom. My dad. My stepdad. And my stepmom. And my sister. And my brother. And my friends. And my cousins. And my family. And that's all I'm thankful for."

-Sadie Young, 6