Steer clear of unsubstantiated charges

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By The Staff

While it is true that Democrat Barak Hussien Muhammed Obama who is running for the Democratic nominee for President has a Muslim father who is from the country of Kenya and has other relatives living there, that does not necessarily make him a Muslim or a racist.

Obama attended a school in Southeast Asia and a public school in the United States. He claims to be a Christian of faith and attends a Christian church. While his connections to Kenya's politics may be questionable and may need further investigation, at this time I see no sign of evidence or indication that bears out any facts that he is involved in Kenya politics or that he is a Muslim.

Although it is my opinion that Obama has a gift of gab and can perform and entertain many in the Democratic Party, this does not in my opinion qualify him to be the Democrat nominee for President much less President of the United States.

My stance on this is based on the reports and news coverage of Obama's affiliations with the city of Chicago's underground mobsters, the militaristic Weathermen group of thugs in and around Chicago as well as elsewhere, and Obama's and his wife's attitude and statements concerning their patriotism to America and their commitment to the values and the American way of life.

To tie Obama to the politics and subversive tactics in Kenya sounds much like the Republican misinformation and nonsense at its worst.

It is one thing to accuse one of wrongdoing without any factual evidence and not telling the rest of the story. Just because Obama's father is a Muslim and lives in the country of Kenya and who long ago abandoned Obama and his mother and returned to Kenya does not on its face lead one to believe that Obama is a Muslim or that he has political ties to Kenya other than he has a father and relatives living there.

Obama has for the last 20 years or so attended a so-called Christian church in Chicago where his pastor in this church seems to spit out a lot of un-American venom from the pulpit and over various media, which in my opinion is un-American and very extreme radicalism among other such lunacies.

However, while I would not vote or support Obama's bid for the Democratic nominee for Presidency I will not accuse him of unsubstantiated charges that are put out by people of questionable Republicanism misinformation or elitist and invalid propaganda which does not seem creditable or trustworthy.

William Alford Perry

West Blocton, Ala.