Someone to inspire us

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By The Staff

We are standing at a crossroad in history. This has been and will be a record-breaking presidential election, in more ways than one. And for the first time in a long time, Kentucky voters will play a crucial role in selecting the presidential nominees.

The Republican presidential primary has already been decided and they have quite a formidable candidate in Senator John McCain. But it's the Democratic race that still has many people on the edge.

Democrats have a tough choice for this primary. Both Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are extremely popular candidates. They both believe in Democratic values and they both believe in a better future for the United States. But the right policies and the right party are not enough in this election.

The next president must have something more.

There are two fundamental reasons why I'm supporting Senator Barack Obama for president this primary.

First, he has the ability to inspire this nation and this world. Communication to America and to the world is vitally important. People have lost faith in their government and their leaders and we need a president that can restore what has been missing from government for so long: hope. We need someone with gravitas, with that rare gift to lift people up. I have heard Senator Obama speak and I know without a doubt that he will inspire all of us regardless of who we are or what we believe.

Secondly, Senator Obama's campaign is centered on this key theme that we are all connected to one another, that what happens to a college student in Texas affects the mother without health insurance in New York, that what happens to the unemployed auto worker in Detroit is not so much different than struggling tobacco farmers here in Kentucky. It's this basic idea that, as Senator Obama has said, "For all the noise and pettiness that comes out of Washington today, what holds this country together is this fundamental belief ... the belief that we all have a stake in each other, that I am my Brothers Keeper, that I am my Sisters Keeper."

Ultimately, Barack Obama's campaign is not about him and it's not really about all of us. It's about a vision for America that will outlast an Obama presidency and outlast us. There's an America out there that's bigger than any of us. And for those of you that haven't picked a candidate to support, it is the only thing that should matter.

Austin Redmon

Bagdad, Ky.