Social media can be fun, but use caution

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An opinion by the CKNJ Editorial Board

Social media can be a useful - and even helpful - way to easily connect with friends and family members. At the same time, however, it can also cause unpleasant problems and even danger.

It's important for parents to monitor their children's use of social media - and computer usage in general. There are many dangers in our world today, and more and more are originating from the Internet.

Just a couple of weeks ago, there was an arrest in Campbellsville resulting from alleged improper interaction between an adult and a 15-year-old on Facebook.

Facebook can be a safe site - IF one's profile is set to private and only approved friends are added. However, if a profile is open to the public, anyone can see all that's posted.

Labeled by many as the No. 1 social media website, estimates earlier this year were that more than 600,000 million people had Facebook accounts.

That's why it's important for parents to understand how social media works and to discuss the importance of privacy and safety with their children.

Sheriff's Detective Brian Pickard is planning an informational session soon that will focus on just that. It's an excellent plan, and we hope everyone with questions will plan to attend.