Smoking ban is the right thing to do

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By The Staff

We've said it before. But we think it's time to say it again. The right to breathe clean air should take precedence over the right to smoke.

Just prior to tonight's Campbellsville City Council meeting, there will be a public hearing on the issue of a smoking ban in public buildings. That will be followed by a vote of the Council.

Such a ban simply makes sense ... because smoking endangers others' health.

There have been attempts in the past to ban smoking in restaurants. But, as we've said before, if one has a right to eat in a smoke-free building, why shouldn't one have a right to conduct other business in a smoke-free place as well?

In fact, if we can have a statewide law governing something we know we should do for our own benefit and don't - wear a seat belt - then why wouldn't we have a similar law when it comes to the benefit of others?

One of the arguments for a smoking ban is that it would encourage people to quit. We don't think that's a feasible argument. The ban may not cause people to quit, but it may cut back on how much they smoke during the day or when they are out in public.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Kentucky ranks No. 1 in the instance of lung cancer in both men and women and ranks highly in the instance of other types of cancer brought on by smoking.

That's why we encourage the Council to vote in favor of a ban.