On smoking ban

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By The Staff

I am so tired of reading the paper each week and it telling us that we can't smoke in public places. If you can't stand the smoke, keep your tails at home, inside a big balloon or something.

So, now I'm saying ... what's worse, smoking in a restaurant or blowing your doggone nose at a table while I'm eating? That burns me up.

And what gives you the right to go into these business establishments and tell them to ban smoking or they will have to pay a fine? Come on, please, it's their choice to let customers smoke or not. If I can't go into a place and have a nice meal and then have a smoke afterwards, then I will not go at all.

Yes, they will most likely lose the trade and have to close their doors. I figured as long as they have clean dishes and food, then smoking shouldn't be a problem.

What you really need to do is focus on the nasty water that we all are drinking. I went to a business the other day and they had some water in a jar. I asked what that was and was told it was what's in the water that we're drinking. It had been sitting there 3-4 days and all the dirt and crud had settled to the bottom.

What do they plan on doing about the elections? We can't smoke, so why should we vote when all they do is lie to us? They will do this and they will do that until they make it in and then, boom, nothing.

Guess smoking killed that, too?

Are you going to build us a Smoke Shack so we can smoke? It's not fair. What will the farmers do when everyone stops buying tobacco? What about the fireplaces and wood-burning stoves? Can they smoke?

Jamie Browning, you have got something started, so leave us alone. If we want to continue smoking, let us. A lot of people have died and it all wasn't from smoking and, yeah, like you said, second-hand smoke either. It's our business, not yours.

Please feel free to comment on the smoking ban. I know people who feel the same way I do. Yes, I am a smoker.

Mary Williams