Skinheads send message about child cancer

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By The Staff

Whether it's through a parent, a spouse, a child, a grandparent, a friend, or even ourselves, cancer will reach out its deadly hand and touch us all. And that's why we should all be concerned with research into its cure.

What would have killed us 50, 20 or even just five years ago, is now treatable - thanks to research.

And that's what gives us hope.

As the second leading cause of the death in the U.S., cancer will affect all too many of us. We each have a risk - experts say half of all men and a third of all women will be diagnosed with some form of the disease.

But the disease's youngest victims are also its most defenseless ... the children.

Children shouldn't have to deal with grownup worries ... and cancer and all of its ramifications is certainly a burden too heavy for our children. That's why the St. Baldrick's Foundation began ... to raise awareness and funds to cure kids' cancer.

And a local event sponsored by Campbellsville University is being planned for Saturday, March 15. Several local residents have gamely volunteered to publicly have their heads shaved if we can raise enough money for the foundation.

Donna Wise, who teaches at CU and has an 11-month-old grandson, Carter, who is winding up the last of his treatments after a 4-month battle with cancer, is chairing the event.

"Our community has been extremely supportive of Relay for Life, and St. Baldrick's 'Shaving the Way to Conquer Kid's Cancer' targets fundraising efforts to support cancer research for children," Wise said. "Anyone interested can go to their Web site and donate. We need groups or individuals interested in raising funds as a barber or as a shavee."

Wise said the goal is to have at least 25 shavees, the first of whom is her husband, George. Other early entries are Drs. Jimmy Ewing and James Watkins, John Bertram, Richard RoBards, Jody Graham, Harvey Dicken and Sarge Pollock.

So join us in supporting baldness ... and a cure for cancer.