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By Becky Cassell, Editor

As most of you know, our Web site has been a work in progress for more than a year now. While we don't yet have everything we're hoping for, it's getting there.

The newest feature, added just last week, is the return of Breaking News Headlines, or news alerts.

Many readers had signed up for the news alerts with our former Web site. If you enjoyed those, we encourage you to sign up again.

And for those who didn't, give it a try.

News alerts are an attempt to provide even more pertinent information for readers. With them we can send out immediate alerts about breaking news or information about our Web site updates by e-mail.

Simply go to our Web site at www.cknj.com and find the Breaking News Headlines sign-up box on the lower right side of the home page. Plug in your name and e-mail address and you'll receive an immediate e-mail with a link to click. That's all it takes to activate your news alerts.

As of Monday morning, 26 people had signed up.

Several months ago, we also added another feature to the newspaper's coverage - Reader Comments, which allows Web readers to comment at the end of stories posted on our Web site.

The Reader Comments section was also a popular feature from our former Web site. In fact, it was one of the most-used aspects of our former Web site. It's back now, with a few improvements.

With this feature, readers can comment about any story on the Web. Whether it's a front-page story, a sports story, an editorial piece, an obituary or a wedding, readers will now have an opportunity to post their own comments.

Those who would like to add comments will need to register with a verifiable e-mail address before they will be allowed to post. Users will be able to select a "screen" name that will be visible to others. Users' e-mail addresses will not be posted on the Web site.

The feature is also self-policing, in that it allows users to flag offensive posts and thus have them removed from the site. If a post is flagged as "obscene," "profane," "hateful" or "violent," it will be automatically be removed from the Web site.

Readers can also flag posts as "tasteless" or "clueless," but that will not remove the comment from the site.

If an individual continuously posts unacceptable comments, their ability to post will simply be blocked.

The new Web site will, in the coming weeks and months, provide opportunities for more active reader participation. Yet to come are even more features such as video, photo galleries, searchable advertisements, and interactive maps.

The whole idea is that the newspaper and its Web site should reflect what is taking place in the community.

We want to maintain our position in the community as the place residents can go to find out what they need to know. Keeping people "in the know" is important to us. It's our very reason for being.