Show Choir better than a Big Mac

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I could have bought a Big Mac Extra Value Meal for $5.08, or I could have gone to the Taylor County Show Choir performance last Friday night. I chose the show choir, and I am so glad I did.

More than 50 teenagers presented a polished and exciting program. Obviously, this event did not just "happen." I can only imagine the hours of work and the countless sacrifices the students and their parents had to make in order to create this show. They sang, danced and smiled for over two hours, and I was exhausted just watching them. I could highlight certain singers as being outstanding, but I prefer to say that the entire ensemble was outstanding.

Before someone reads this and says, "Well, she probably had a child in the show," let me assure the readers that I only knew one person in the entire cast and crew.

If any of you readers have been listening to the negative news on the Louisville TV stations abut students (fights, guns, bus drivers attacked), you may think that the current state of American education is hopeless. However, as long as we have teenagers like those in the show choir and dedicated role models such as Lisa Gupton and Brian Clifford, I for one have a renewed and positive attitude toward our youth.

Big Macs will always be for sale, but sadly the 2011 TCHS Show Choir spring show has ended for another year. I wonder how many of these freshman, sophomore and junior students are already thinking, "I wonder what we will do in 2012?" I know Ms. Gupton is.

Joanne Waller