Shopping at 35,000 feet

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By Moreland Jeff

Most men probably don’t fall into this category, but I’ll admit I do. I enjoy shopping.

OK. Let me clarify that. I enjoy shopping for things I like, and for me, that usually means a gadget or gizmo designed to make life a little easier.

My real obsession is anything related to technology and I’m usually a sucker for a new tool to simplify the rat-race world we live in, whether I need it or not.

There are some stores in malls and shopping centers where you can find the occasional gadget, but the best place for my money is Sky Mall.

Sky Mall is a magazine you’ll find in the seat in front of you on just about any airline these days. I travel quite a bit this time of year with NFL football season in full swing and picking up a copy of Sky Mall makes any trip better.

As soon as I have to turn off my electronic devices — you have to do that these days when your plane is about to take off — I reach for Sky Mall.

From the front cover to the back, I find myself ready to place an order of enormous proportions. I usually resist most of that urge by the time I land, but the initial excitement of new gadgets has me ready to shop ‘til I drop, or in this case, until the plane lands.

As somebody who uses about any product the Apple Computer company makes, I love finding new accessories for my Apple items. Some aren’t exactly things I need, but the new items people come up with always make me smile.

On my last flight, I found several new items, including a piano keyboard that works wirelessly with the iPad, a fish-eye lens attachment for the camera on the iPhone and a miniature arcade game case that allows you to play games on the iPad like we did on the old machines that cost us 25 cents per play back in the 1980s.

I didn’t buy any of those, but I do have one I find somewhat convenient, and especially entertaining, and that’s the Bluetooth telephone handset. It looks like the handset of an old rotary-dial telephone, but works wirelessly with my iPhone. This one will get you some strange looks from time to time, but it’s actually pretty convenient and a great conversation piece.

After looking at the items that would make life easier, I turn to the pages that feature products that, well, I don’t know what some of them do for you, but they are available, and I’m sure somebody buys them.

Can you imagine going through life without a miniature statue of Queen Elizabeth, complete with a solar-powered motor that makes her wave her hand? You can buy it from Sky Mall for only $21.95.

Do you have $30 to spend on a pair of shoes that look like the popular Ugg boots? If you do, would you spend it on a pair of “Pugz shoes” for your dog? If so, Sky Mall is the place for you!

For those pet owners who love their cats, but don’t like changing litter boxes, there’s something for you, too. It’s called Litter Kwitter and it’s a three-step process to toilet train your cat. Yes, your cat will move from the litter box to the family toilet and you can have this training tool for just $49.99. If that sounds expensive, remember, it is actually reduced from $59.99.

Sky Mall is full of tons of cool gadgets as well as some very odd items like the Litter Kwitter and many more. Some of them are actually useful, while others prove the old adage, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

If you don’t fly, but would like to look over the items offered by Sky Mall, take a look at www.skymall.com and shop from the comfort of your own home. You might not buy anything, but I guarantee you will be entertained.