Seven special sessions in a row not good

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By The Staff

Do you have deadlines you have to meet?
If you didn’t have your income tax submitted by this past Tuesday, you will be penalized in a monetary fashion.
If you turn in a paper late for a class, you will get penalized with a lesser or failing grade.

If you show up late to work so many times, you will get penalized and eventually could lose your job.
If you’re company is doing a state road project and is late getting finished, it will get monetarily penalized. But, if you get finished early, in certain cases, you get rewarded with extra money.
Maybe the General Assembly needs some help so they can get their jobs done in the time they are scheduled to do so, and not have a special session for a seventh straight year.
There is no problem with them taking off to watch the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team play in the SEC Tournament. But, they should have started a day earlier or stayed a day longer to make up for that.
But, then again, doesn’t UK play in the SEC Tournament every year, or the University of Louisville in the Big East Tournament each March? Why not just plan ahead and not meet that day? But, how important is a conference tournament quarterfinal game?
Hopefully, it’s not just a “civil war” between Gov. Steve Beshear and House Speaker David L. Williams, but the General Assembly has so many days to do its job, and it should do it in that time, or the members should do it on their own “extra” time, and not with the taxpayers’ money.
Even with Kentucky mathematics, seven special sessions times about $300,000 equals $2.1 million. This money-strapped state could use that money better elsewhere.