Schools a non-issue with annexation

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By Richard RoBards

Someone somewhere said that information only brings us closer to our ignorance. Misinformation, it turns out, is far worse than some information, or no information at all.

We find that to be true in national and state politics where, evidently, you can make all manner of claims without documentation. It's evidently becoming a more and more acceptable practice. It's a game of who can misinform better than the other guy.

But misinformation certainly isn't isolated to national and state politics.

Unchallenged misinformation can even make its way to Campbellsville where, it seems, THE scariest information relates to our school systems.

This is not a school merger column. Well, it wasn't intended to be. But some people think that the threat of school merger is a cure for unwanted annexation.

What has happened is that some folks in the Old South precinct just off Smith Ridge Road (221 strong), where an annexation referendum is going to appear on Tuesday's ballot, may be thinking they need to balance a question that shouldn't even be a question at all.

If the City annexes part of an area in and around Smith Ridge Road, will residents in the affected area suddenly be moved into the Campbellsville Independent School District?

I've lived here for 30 years and the same question pops up whenever there's a potential change in City boundaries.

I don't know if it's misinformation, ignorance or an effort to try and scare folks who might be thinking about supporting the annexation proposal.

Let me say it for the record: The Campbellsville Independent School District boundary is set and cannot change without the Campbellsville Board of Education asking and the Taylor County Board of Education approving. The city school boundary has NOTHING to do with the City limit boundary.

The likelihood of the county school district giving up any of its taxing district was answered a few years ago when then-Campbellsville Superintendent Chuck Vaughn asked the county school board if they would allow the city school district to "annex" Bluegrass Estates. Not surprisingly, the county board rejected the request, as did a commission for the state board of education.

I'm neither endorsing nor opposing annexation in the area in question. That's for the people who live there to decide. If the benefits of City residency are significant enough, people will vote for it.

But they shouldn't be asked to consider a school issue at the same time, especially a school issue that has absolutely nothing to do with the annexation proposal on Tuesday's ballot.