School Menus for Oct. 15-19

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Campbellsville Independent

Oct. 15-19

Monday - Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, green beans, Gogurt, fruit and milk.

Tuesday - Fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, pinto beans, pears, fruit and milk.

Wednesday - Corndog, coleslaw, early peas, pineapple tidbits, fruit and milk.

Thursday - Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese, banana, roll, fruit and milk.

Friday - Hot ham and cheese on bun, corn, carrot sticks with dip, apple, fruit and milk.

Taylor County

Oct. 15-19

Monday - Pizza, tossed salad, sweet corn, mixed fruit and milk.

Tuesday - Breaded chicken patty, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuit and gravy, baked apples and milk.

Wednesday - Hot ham and cheese, hash browns, lima beans, applesauce and milk.

Thursday - Barbecue, sweet potato fries, coleslaw, sliced peaches and milk.

Friday - Grilled cheese, corn chips, broccoli and cauliflower, fruit and milk.

Kentucky Christian Academy

Oct. 15-19

Monday - Baked spaghetti, salad, breadstick, fruit and milk.

Tuesday - Fish sticks, tater tots, peas, fruit and milk.

Wednesday - Hamburger or cheeseburger, chips, baked beans, fruit and milk.

Thursday - French toast, sausage patties, hash brown, baked apples and milk.

Friday - Chicken strips, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuit and milk.