School board members thanks for service

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The five members of the Campbellsville Independent School District Board of Education, Pat Hall, chairperson; Suzanne Wilson, vice chairperson; Angie Johnson, Barkley Taylor and Mitchell Overstreet, are responsible for overseeing and making decisions about the district budget and building projects.

But they also make certain the individual child in the Campbellsville Independent School District gets what he or she needs to successfully learn in school and beyond. All they do is accomplished in the face of shrinking state and federal dollars for education and tough economic times locally.
These responsibilities and others are the reason Kentucky and other states set aside the month of January to thank local school board members during School Board Recognition Month.
Like the students in the Campbellsville Independent School District, the members of its Board of Education must do their homework. This means sifting through complicated test data and financial reports while keeping abreast of the latest requirements handed down from state and federal governments, to name just a few subjects.
Our school board members also serve as the link between the school system and the community. That’s why you’ll often find them at ball games, school celebrations and honors ceremonies.  
So I hope the community as a whole, individual parents, students and school staff will take a few minutes this month to acknowledge the critical role and responsibilities carried out by Pat Hall, Suzanne Wilson, Angie Johnson, Barkley Taylor and Mitchell Overstreet.
Mike Deaton
Campbellsville Independent Schools superintendent