Reverse the Medicare cuts

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By The Staff

I urge you to do all you can to assure Congress reverses the mandated 10.6 percent cut in Medicare payments to doctors scheduled for July 2008. Action is needed by mid-June or Medicare will begin processing payment cuts.

The cuts in payments to doctors will devastate seniors' and all military beneficiaries' access to health care by encouraging even more doctors to stop seeing Medicare and military TriCare patients. Military beneficiaries are affected even more severely because TriCare rates are capped at Medicare levels, and in many cases are discounted below Medicare's.

This issue is a particular problem for retirees, survivors and Guard and Reserve families who don't live near military installations. In those areas, many doctors already refuse to see any new TriCare patients.

Without some assurance that these cuts will not take effect, even more doctors may be forced to take this step.

Please do all you can to ensure Congress replaces the Medicare/TriCare rate cuts, without some stability in the program, our military families and retirees' care is in jeopardy.

Edward Hurst

Jeffersonville, Ind.