Response to 'Shame on Sen. McConnell'

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By The Staff

Mr. Leachman is wrong about his slam regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs (News-Journal, Monday, Oct. 15).

As a retired VA administrator, I can vouch that the goal of the VA is to provide the highest quality healthcare. While it is sad that we do lose some veterans, what hospital does not?

What he is not telling you is that the VA is a leader in scientific research, preventative medicine and in developing checks and balances in tracking medical problems. The VA is the No. 1 promoter of electronic medical records. They have led the nation in tracking and developing new programs to care for veterans.

While all of this is pointed toward veterans, the public in general benefits from all of the innovative approaches to curing and rehabilitating veterans. The VA has more healthcare surveys than most private sector medical facilities. Many are external reviews, but the VA also has very strong internal reviews that are on-going all the time.

I for one thank Senate and Congressional leaders who will take an active approach to supporting the VA.

As to the draft, I can only say that the all-volunteer service has brought together all the military services to work in unison, which is a stark difference to the period of the draft. Our guys now are truly professionals and should be recognized in this manner.

Kenneth L. Collins