Resolve to keep resolutions

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By Leslie Moore


Nine days.

That's how long until, according to a British survey by allabouthealth.org.uk, the majority of people give up on their New Year's resolutions.

Last year, my resolution was to wear earrings every day. Things were going well until the sixth day when I discovered half of a pair of earrings I had just gotten for Christmas on the floor - chewed up beyond recognition - and a guilty-looking beagle named Ellie nearby.

Looking back, I wish I hadn't let that one incident make me give up my resolution so early, but then again, I probably wouldn't have made it the whole year anyway.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of failed New Year's resolutions stem from this all-or-nothing attitude.

And for those of you who make more serious resolutions as opposed to my generally silly ones, such as to get out of credit card debt or quit smoking, it can be especially disheartening when you give up on your resolution.

Perhaps if we accept in 2012 that we won't be perfect in 2013, we won't feel like failures if we experience a small setback by say ditching the gym one day in favor of sleeping in.

Another lesson that can be learned from my short-lived resolution is to not be too specific or get worked up over numbers.

A lot can happen in 365 days. This year, I overslept a few times and barely had time to brush my teeth before rushing off to class. I had the flu. My ears could have gotten infected. In situations like these, I didn't have the time or need to coordinate my earrings with my outfit. Or in the case of the flu, my pajamas.

Now, if I had resolved to simply wear earrings more often instead of every single day, I think I could have succeeded.

If your resolution last year was to shed 25 pounds by March and in the first week of February you realized you had only lost five so you just gave it up entirely, how about this year you resolve to simply get healthier and lose weight?

For my New Year's resolution this year, I would like to stop drinking soda. But since I am drinking a Coke as I type this, I think it would be more realistic if I resolve to drink less soda and more water.

If you make a resolution this year, I wish you the best. And either way, Happy New Year!