Resident charged with second DUI

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By Calen McKinney

A Campbellsville man has been arrested and charged with his second DUI offense.

James M. Buck, 49, of 510 N. Columbia Ave., was arrested on Sunday, June 8, at noon.

According to Buck's arrest citation, Campbellsville Police Officer Scotty Perian saw him driving on North Columbia Avenue. Perian wrote in court records that he knew Buck's driver's license had been suspended for a previous DUI offense.

After Buck made a wide turn and slammed on his brakes, Perian activated his lights and siren. Buck didn't stop, however, and court records state he made another wide turn, accelerated and then slammed on his brakes again.

Perian wrote that Buck had red, glassy, blood shot eyes and slurred his speech. Buck failed several field sobriety tests, and Perian wrote he found a white powder substance on Buck's nose. Buck refused to submit to a blood test, but told Perian he had been snorting Loritab pills.

When searching Buck's vehicle, Perian wrote, he found an ink pen case that was used to snort drugs that contained a white powder. Perian also found a cigarette pack that contained suspected Loritab pills.

Buck told Perian that he had "fallen back" and "slipped up again" and needed help for his addiction.

Buck was charged with DUI, his second offense, with aggravating circumstances, possession of drug supplies, driving on a license suspended for DUI, third-degree possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance prescription not in its original container, no insurance and failure to wear seat belts.

Buck pleaded not guilty to the crimes in Taylor District Court on Monday, June 9. Bond was set at 10 percent of $7,500 and he was ordered to not drive.

Buck is expected to appear in court again on Monday, June 23, for a pretrial hearing.