Remember your blessings

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CKNJ Editorial Board

Thanksgiving is a day officially set aside as a time for gratitude. And those of us who live in Campbellsville and Taylor County have so much for which to be grateful.

Most of us will sit down with family members and friends for a meal that can only be described as a feast. We can also be thankful that we have friends and neighbors and churches who will be there for those who don't have family and friends nearby or for those who don't have the resources to provide their own feasts.

Besides being grateful for our own comfortable surroundings, we can be grateful that in Taylor County there are many different organizations working to see that everyone has a warm place to stay and warm clothes to wear. Through various local civic organizations, many Taylor County residents dedicate their own time and resources to helping others.

Many of us will also spend the day talking about and planning for the upcoming Christmas season.

Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and many will be out before daylight, marking gifts off their lists as they go through crowded store aisles.

At the same time, we can be grateful that in Taylor County many different organizations will be working hard to see that everyone has a merry Christmas. There will be toy drives, food drives and other ways of helping those who may be struggling this holiday season.

One of the best ways to show gratitude for what we have is to spread our blessings to others. There are many opportunities to do that this holiday season.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and find a way to put your gratitude into action.