Recanvass set in three races

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

A recanvass of votes cast in three separate races in the Nov. 2 general election has been scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday.
According to Taylor County Clerk Mark Carney, three candidates have requested a recanvass of votes in their races:

  • Joey Wasson, who lost by 43 votes to Julie Shields in the PVA race.
  • Milford Lowe, who lost by 49 votes to Tommy Corbin in the 3rd District magistrate's race.
  • Finn Watson, who lost by 90 votes to James M. Gaddis in the 3rd District constable's race.

Candidates had until Monday to file a request at Carney's office.
Carney said the recanvass will consist of taking the paper tapes from each precinct and adding the totals with a calculator to verify that the central tabulation system used on election night was correct.
"I've never seen a recanvass change anything," Carney said.
The recanvass will take place in the basement at the Taylor County Courthouse. Each candidate, or a chosen representative, may attend.