Ready for the holidays

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By Calen McKinney


I was headed to Louisville for the day. While those in the car were surfing local radio stations, the dial settled on one that surprised me. It was Louisville's all Christmas station. This was the Saturday after Halloween.

While normally I would have started talking about how commercialized the holidays are and we can't even have a few weeks after Halloween before Thanksgiving and Christmas are at the forefront of our lives, I enjoyed the music. And it got me thinking about the upcoming holidays. And, I started to look forward to them.

The holidays are hard for me, for a number of reasons I won't go into in this space. But my point is that it can take a lot for me to have Christmas cheer.

I don't know why, but hearing those Christmas tunes on the Saturday after Halloween got me thinking. And the more I thought about Christmas, the more excited I got.

This year, I want the holidays to be different. Today, people are worried about what the perfect gift is for this person, who not to invite to a Christmas party and the logistics of traveling to see all the relatives.

While all of that is important, how about this year, we focus on those who don't have the ability to celebrate Christmas in style?

Speaking of celebrating in style, the Taylor County community does just that.

Santa will make his first appearance of the holiday season on Saturday at the Taylor County High School annual arts and crafts festival. He will be there to pose for photos with children from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

And next Saturday, Santa will be at the Taylor County Extension Office at the annual homemakers' bazaar from 10 a.m. to noon.

That's just the start to the holiday season in our community. There are many, many holiday events to come. Just watch our Calendar Page.

And while this time of year is a lot of fun, I encourage us to not forget the reason for the season and those who are going without during it.

Donations are always accepted to Green River Ministries, Taylor County Food Pantry and Taylor County Crisis Relief Center. Residents will soon see the Salvation Army's red kettles at local stores. How about pitching in that change in your pocket? That money goes directly to help the Taylor Countians in need.

Last year, my mom and I "adopted" two foster children from a local agency. We got their Christmas wish list and shopped for them. It was a lot of fun to know that these children - who we don't know and they don't know us - would know on Christmas morning that someone thought about them during the holidays.

My favorite part was writing a Christmas card and telling our "children" that they should never forget that someone loves them.

I don't know about my mother, but I hope this becomes one of our Christmas traditions.

I know the holidays are tough, but I have made a promise to myself that this year, they will be filled with love and fun.

Let's hope you do the same.