Readers might be best proofreaders

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Couple of corrections from 11 teams to remember

By Bobby Brockman

The older you get you will realize, if you already haven’t, that someone you think is widely known may not be that recognized at all.
It first hit me years ago while speaking to a local class and mentioned my boyhood hero — Mickey Mantle. The youngsters looked puzzled. I couldn’t believe they only knew Mantle as the name of a baseball league in another county. It also made me worry what will happen when you write something and no one knows, or cares, what you’re saying.
That wasn’t the case with 11 special high school basketball teams on the local scene. And, it did prove the point that my best proofreaders are you.
Two of my better friends constructively corrected me on a couple of my blunders.
Rollin McQueary went to back-to-back Girls’ Fifth Region Tournaments in his first two seasons (won one, lost one) as head coach, not years two and three.
Also, Don Shaw, one of the few people to coach at Campbellsville and Taylor County Highs and the local college, said his 1966 CHS state tournament team was the first locally to reside in the 20th District and Fifth Region, not the 21st District and Sixth Region. Now, I’m just waiting for another pal, Billy B Smith, to find more mistakes, which I do really want.
Interviewing for a job without even knowing it
As I looked back in a March 20, 1980 Central Kentucky News-Journal, I ran across a sports editor Tom Adams’ column after Green County had lost in overtime to Taylor County in the Fifth Region title tilt.
“If the Cards wanted class, they only had to look toward the Dragons’ Jeff Gumm, who displayed remarkable composure through all the post-game celebration. Gumm was the first to congratulate (TCHS head coach Fred) Waddle and his players. He like his coach (Carl Deaton) was upset with the officiating, but asked that nothing be said. He merely wished TC good luck at the state. If everyone who plays the game had Gumm’s attitude, on and off the court, all schools would get along just fine. It’s a shame he won’t have the chance to go to Freedom Hall and prove his worth as one of the finest guards in Kentucky.”
The irony? Waddle, the TCHS AD in 1985, hired Gumm, now TCHS’ AD and baseball coach, as an assistant basketball, baseball and football coach.