Readers ask voters to support Chad Shively

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In a time when our world seems to be falling apart and our government is straying from God, elections become very important to our society.
In the 2014 primary, many government offices are being contested. One of those offices is the Taylor County property valuation administrator position.
As citizens of Taylor County, we have a great deal of confidence in our current PVA, Mr. Chad Shively. Our families have known Chad for many years and believe he is the best-suited candidate for the job. Chad is very active in his church and in the Campbellsville Emmaus Community. It is evident in his daily life that he serves God in all he does.
During Chad’s time in office, he has worked hard to help the people in our community. He has gone beyond his required duties to help the more seasoned citizens save on their property taxes through the Homestead Act. Chad has also been available to answer any questions we have had in our search for a home to raise our family in. He has even delivered paperwork to our door in an effort to help our church in their establishment.
Chad has been involved in the PVA office for many years and knows the rules and regulations inside and out. Having a PVA that is willing to help citizens and is knowledgeable is a valuable asset to our community. We encourage you to keep Chad Shively PVA.
Billy and Jamie Adams

Chad Shively, a candidate running for Taylor County PVA, has my full support.
From the first moment of meeting Chad while playing church league softball, I have considered him a friend. This has become more evident over the years.
In fact, he was our go-to person while house shopping for our family. He was always willing to answer any question and give us his thoughts on every property we were interested in. I fully support Chad Shively during this election.
Jeremy Sollberger

I am writing this letter to show my support for Chad Shively in his bid for Taylor County Property Valuation Administrator.
My family has known Chad in different capacities throughout the years. I admire his honesty, integrity and helpfulness that he exhibits in his position daily.
For instance, I contacted Chad numerous times while in the process of purchasing a new home. He was always available to answer any questions that I had. The information he gave me made it easier for my family to make decisions.
Lastly, I also like that he is family man of great Christian faith. I feel that this can only make a good leader a great leader.
My family and I fully support Chad Shively for PVA.
Robyn Sollberger