Reader supports Medco

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Whoever thinks Medco Center of Campbellsville is inferior is dead wrong.
My grandmother has been a patient there for five years, and during that time she has had excellent health care.
My grandmother is total care except for feeding. Her mind is clear and she is very coherent. I spend several hours a week visiting her and it is at different times of the day. My grandmother is the world to me, and if I thought for one minute that this facility was at fault, I would not be leaving my grandmother there.
Until you walk in the shoes of a health care worker, one does not have a clue as to what is necessary to perform your job tasks day in and day out.
Compassion is the first thought that comes to my mind, and that is what I see when I visit that facility. Sure, all facilities, and even schools, have days that things seem to go all wrong. That is just nature taking its course. I am a teacher and a coach, and I know from first-hand experience when days go poorly.
Medco does a terrific job with my grandmother, and if I had to go to a facility for acute care, Medco would be my first choice. In this day and age that we live in, everybody wants a fast dollar, and this old world has made it abundantly clear that if you bring a lawsuit against a company, that’s the quickest way to get some fast cash.
Well, when one goes down that road to pursue this action, I hope they have their facts in order. I have never witnessed a poor treatment or abuse from any employee at Medco Campbellsville. I applaud them for the job performance with my grandmother.

Candace Young
Gravel Switch