Reader searches for information on veterans of War of 1812, Mexican War

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It has been a concern of mine for years that Taylor County does not have a list of its men who served in the War of 1812 or the Mexican War. We were still part of Green County when those wars were fought, so we have to separate "our" troops from Green County's.

It is the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. It is time we act.

I have developed, with the help of other researchers, a working list of Taylor County men who served in these wars. Some of the men may have lived on the border of Green and Marion counties. If they never lived or worked or are buried in what became Taylor County, then we need to remove their names from our list.

This list of veterans needs to be hung in our courthouse, along with the names of patriots from our county who served in the American Revolution.

I have more details about these men, including what company they served in, the commander's name and my sources of their service.

I am leaving the detailed information at Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers' office, the Central Kentucky News-Journal, Cozy Comforts and the Hiestand House-Taylor County Museum. If you want to see the information, I invite you to look at it.

If the descendants of any of these men have a family story, images, papers or documents concerning their service, the Taylor County Historical Society or the Hiestand House-Taylor County Museum would like a copy of it. We are not asking for the descendant to give up their original documents.

On this 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, let's finalize a group of men to be honored.

Betty Jane Gorin


Hiestand House-Taylor County Museum


Taylor County Soldiers in the War of 1812
Allen, Samuel, Pvt.
Barbee, John, Pvt.
Bass, John Elmore, Pvt.
Berry, Samuel, Pvt.
Berry, William H., Pvt.
Berry, William, Pvt.
Bright, David, Pvt.
Brockman, Ambrose, Pvt.
Buckner, Gabriel N. , 1st Cpl.
Caldwell, Andrew, Pvt. 
Caldwell, James, Pvt.
Carter, Thomas, Pvt.
Cooke, Joshua, Pvt.
Cowherd, Colby, 2nd Cpl.
Cowherd, Simeon, Sgt. 
Cowherd, Willis, Pvt. 
Cowherd, Yelverton, Pvt. 
Dearen, Richard, Pvt.
Durham, John, Pvt.
Durham, Samuel, Lt.
Durham, William, Pvt.
Durrett, William, Pvt.
Farris, William, Pvt. 
Faulkner, William, Pvt.
Gaines, John Pendleton, Pvt.
Gaines, Thomas Hollinger, Dr.
Gowdy, Samuel, Pvt.
Green, Liberty, Capt.
Harding, John,  Pvt.
Harding, Stephen, Pvt.
Hash, Phillip,  Pvt.
Hazeland/wood, John,  Pvt. 
Hedgespeth, Lewis, Pvt.
Helton, Thomas, Pvt.
Hogan, John, Pvt. 
Hogan, Nathan, Pvt. 
Hogan, William, Cpl.
Hunt, James, Pvt.
Johnston, John, Pvt. 
Kerr, Armstrong, Capt.
Kirtley, Lewis, Pvt.
Lee, Joshua, Jr.,  2nd Sgt. 
Lee, Westley, Pvt.
Lemmons, Isaac, Pvt.*** 
Lemmons, John Q., Pvt. 
Lewis, Francis, Pvt.
Lindsey, Samuel, Cpl.
Lively, John Hill, Sr., Sgt.
Morris, John, Pvt. 
Murphy, Benjamin, Pvt.
Nelson, John, Pvt.
Phillips, Thomas, Pvt.
Price, James, Pvt. 
Price, Reuben, Pvt. 
Price, Robert, Pvt.
Puryear, George, Pvt.
Puryear, John, Pvt.
Rafferty, John, Pvt.  
Roark, William, Pvt.
Rogers,  Thomas, Pvt.
Russell, Joseph, Pvt.
Russell, Samuel, Pvt.
Sanders, Elijah, Pvt. 
Shively, Jacob, Pvt.
Skaggs, Jeremiah, Pvt.
Smith, Stokely, Pvt.
Smith, Thomas, Jr., 2nd Sgt.
Spear, Samuel, Pvt.
Spear, Solomon, Pvt.
Sublett, John S., Pvt.
Sublette, Joseph, Pvt.
Sympson, James Clendennin, Pvt.
Taylor, John, Pvt.
Tibbs, Daniel, Lt. ***
Timberlake, John, Pvt.
Vaughn, John L., Pvt.
Ware, William, Pvt.
Willock, Robert, Sgt.
Wilson, James, Pvt. 
Wooley, John, Pvt.

*** Died on Expedition to New Orleans

Taylor County Mexican War Soldiers
Company A, 2nd Kentucky Foot Volunteers [Infantry]
Unless otherwise noted

Asper, James M., Pvt.
Barbee, Elias L., 2nd Lt. ***
Brownlee, John A., Pvt.
Buckner, Charles Madison, Cpl.
Buckner, Robert Walker, Pvt., Co H, 2nd Kentucky                                                                                                
Buly, John, Pvt., died at Camp Belknap, Aug 5, 1846.  
Chaudoin, Isaac Clark, Pvt.                                                                                                   
Cox, John H. , 1st Sgt.                                                                                                           
Howsley/Housley, William R., Pvt., Co H, 2nd Kentucky                                                                                                     
Johnson, Thomas M., Jr., Pvt.
Johnston, James M., Cpl.
Keen, Sarah, drew a pension on her husband. 
McWhorter, James Benton, Pvt., Co F, 16th Regt, U.S. Infantry
Morris, Thomas, Pvt.
Underwood, Eli, Pvt.                                                                                                               
Willock, John, Pvt.
Winlock, Robert S., Pvt., ***                                                                                                          
Winston, Anthony D., Pvt., Co F, 16th Regt, U.S. Infantry.
Yowell, Sarah, Mannsville drew a pension for some soldier
***Wounded at Battle of Buena Vista, Feb 23, 1847

Company B, 4th Regiment, Kentucky Foot Volunteers
Barbee, Joseph W. died
Buckner, Harry T., died  
Campbell, James W., Pvt.
Cave, William D., Pvt. discharged
Dearing/Dearen,  George H., Pvt. 
Edrington, William W., Pvt.
Hardin, Jackson  W., Pvt.
Hedspeth/Headspeth, William, Pvt.
McDonald, William H., Pvt. died
Nelson, Joseph C., Pvt.  died
Morris, Elzy, Pvt., ***
Rogers,  William, Pvt. 
Rucker, William A. Pvt.
Russell, Joseph, Pvt.
Smith, Robert C., Pvt. 1st U.S. Mounted Rifles,  Bugler
Stillwell, John, Pvt.
***Wounded at Battle of Buena Vista, Feb 23, 1847