Reader says magistrates should be ashamed

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Shame on magistrates Tommy Corbin and Matt Pendleton for not supporting coroner Terry Dabney's request for a third paid deputy coroner.

My husband, the late James C. "Jack" Bryant, was a deputy coroner. I remember many times the telephone ringing in the middle of the night and the deputy coroner was needed.

It didn't matter that he had already worked a long day, he had to go, and sometimes that meant for most of the night. Some cases are more complicated than others, and it's time consuming. A grieving family wants to know what happened to their loved one. It's up to the coroner's office to help find the answers.

There is more to the coroner's office than people realize. It's not the most glamorous or sought-after job in town. I think the community should be thankful for the people that are willing to do this job. So shame on you two for not supporting Mr. Dabney, who has dedicated nearly 40 years of his life to the coroner's office.

Peggy J. Bryant