Reader opposes nickel tax

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Well, the nickel tax is back on the table again for discussion, this time with different tactics.

We have gone from leaky roofs to mold, to now sick children and overcrowding. I do not know what excuse will be next.

As far as overcrowding goes, there are no more students there now than there has been in the past several years. There have been 1,300-plus children there for many years. We were overcrowded when they closed the building that was originally bought and designed for preschool. That building was eventually given to the maintenance department.

When Mannsville closed, we inherited five or six additional teachers, two food service workers, one custodian and another principal, and still managed to operate. There are computers now in every classroom, also two computer labs. Why not convert the computer labs back into classrooms?

We fought the nickel tax and placed it on the ballot for the people of Taylor County to have a say in this matter in the past. It was defeated, and by this defeat we have saved the taxpayers from paying extra taxes for the last three years.

We can do this again if we can get the people to stand up and come against it. I am asking if there is anyone willing to come forward and be on the committee to work to place this tax on the ballot for each taxpayer to have his or her own say.

If interested, please contact me at 465-2147. Together we can make a difference.

James R. Dewitt