Reader has faith in county officials

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I am writing this letter about a letter to the editor that was in the paper about the SPCA that [Cathy Harker] made a comment that Taylor County is not allowing cruelty to animals. They were found not guilty. They also have a committee that oversees this.
I am an animal lover, too, but because of one rumor that got started, then it is all blamed on Taylor County because somebody was upset.
But the county judge/executive and magistrates can’t be blamed. I know Eddie Rogers, the county judge/executive, and a lot of the magistrates. They are fair and wonderful people, and they all will have my vote again. But put blame where blame is due. They were not the ones who released 23 dogs on Marion County and Taylor County line. That’s where all the rumors started.
Our little town is a good town, and they also do find good home for the dogs, even people way off from here.
Do you even go to some of the meetings that they have? It is open to the public. Sorry, but “good ‘ol boys” as you call them are not allowing cruelty to animals. Nothing personal, just my opinion.
Linda Colvin