Reader enjoyed historic sports article

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I read Bobby Brockman's article on the COKES team of 50 years ago. That was a good year as were some of the earlier teams. Before TV in the 40s and 50s, they were the "only game in town" literally. This carried over till the days Willard Smith spoke about. Lots of good players came through the Cokes in those years.

We have lost something with the passing of those teams. High school and college ball is a good replacement, but not quite the same. I am sure it is not an age thing!

I might add that many other local athletes passed through cokes teams. Bobby could do a good story on some of those teams; people such as WR Beard, Buster Allen, Paul Coop, "Twister" Garrison, who played first "Big John" Angel and UK star Ralph Beard, just to name a few.

Walked to many games, but also a good place to have an inexpensive date. But I think Margaret enjoyed the games too!

"How many of us could wear a jacket that we got 50 years ago?"

Barry Bertram