A question that deserved an answer

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By The Staff

Councilman Mike Hall Jr. asked a question at last week's Campbellsville City Council meeting that deserved an answer.

He didn't get one.

Mayor Brenda Allen had asked the Council for its approval to hire Tony Smith as an information technology specialist. The plan is for Smith to be a shared employee, with the City paying 40 percent of his $40,000 salary and the County paying 60 percent plus benefits.

Let's stop for a moment and say that we have no problem with Smith. His resume shows that he's more than qualified for the position. In reality, the hire is quite likely a good decision.

However, Hall asked a legitimate question: "How much did the City spend for IT services last year?"

It's a question that should have been both asked and answered long before the position was created and advertised.

Taylor Fiscal Court, by the way, had already approved Smith's hiring at its May meeting with little to no discussion. While a few questions brought some discussion, magistrates weren't given a figure for what the County paid in IT services last year.

Will such an employee save the City and the County money? How much did each spend for IT services in the past year?

We have no idea because no one on the Fiscal Court even asked the question and the one Council person who did, didn't get an answer.

While Smith's hiring is quite likely an excellent idea and one that may indeed benefit both the City and the County, the way it came about leaves a bad taste behind.