Providing help to those who need it

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By The Staff

The Campbellsville National Guard unit has been activated once again. This time, however, it's not for war, thank goodness.

When we've written stories in the past about our local unit being activated, it's always been with an aspect of concern for their welfare as they travel overseas to fight the war against terror.

Now, it's others' welfare that's the concern.

About 350 Kentucky National Guard soldiers left earlier this week in support of Hurricane Gustav relief missions- 51 from our local unit. Traveling to Louisiana, they've been told they could be gone as long as 15 days.

While there, officials said, the soldiers will provide security for evacuated residents who are returning to their homes for their belongings.

As of Tuesday morning, however, Hurricane Gustav had passed through Louisiana and was in eastern Texas. The hurricane's strength had weakened, though it left much flooding in the Louisiana area, along with high winds. More than 1 million residents were without power.

We all remember the multitude of tragic stories during Hurricane Katrina several years ago. Our government's response was too little, too late. It's good to see the response this time around is proactive rather than reactive.

And it's good to know that Campbellsville will be playing a part in that response.