Proud of Taylor County

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By Calen McKinney


Taylor Countians are pretty lucky.

Our community is full of people who pitch in to help others, and most of the time for nothing monetary in return, only the satisfaction of making a difference in someone else's lives.

There are three specific examples I can give you of this happening just in the past few days.

First, a committee of people put together last Friday night's annual Relay for Life events to raise money to fight cancer.

If you haven't been to Relay for Life, you are missing out. It's amazing to see those who have battled and beaten cancer publicly honored. Each gave their name, the kind of cancer they battled, and, in some cases are still battling, and how many years they have been fighting. The applause after each is well earned.

And the luminary ceremony is nothing short of touching. It's completely dark and everyone is still as the names of those who have died of cancer and those who are still fighting the disease are read. Sadly, the list gets longer each year.

Many communities have Relay for Life ceremonies, but I have to say, I believe ours takes the cake. Kudos are in order for committee members for making this another successful year.

Second, nearly 700 people had blood work done at this year's Taylor Regional Hospital health fair on Saturday. Though that number is down a bit, if you think about it, it's hard to attract 700 people to anything these days.

The blood work was offered at a great discount - $15 - and all the employees volunteered their time to see that the tests were performed quickly. All the testing was done by Sunday. Results will be mailed this week.

It's amazing to see so many people pitch in to offer such a great service to our community. If people had gone to a doctor's office, they might have paid upwards of $500 for similar testing. I think everyone can see the value in this.

So, kudos to TRH for having such an event, and thanks to the many businesses that came and gave information to residents. Don't we all need to learn a bit about how to be healthier?

And lastly, if you haven't been to the Taylor County Public Library lately, you must go. The library - which operates with your tax dollars - has begun its annual summer reading program and there are events for children, teen and adults. And, all the events are free. What can beat that?

Whether it's watching a magic show, making a birdbath, watching a sci-fi movie marathon, hearing a local author speak and much more, there's something for everyone at the library.

And, children can eat lunch there free on Mondays through Thursdays. Adults can eat for $3. After the meal, there are even more free programs.

It's been proven that children who read during the summer better retain knowledge they learned from the previous school year. It just makes sense.

And, who doesn't want to see a magic show or watch sci-fi movies? It's all fun, and a great way to learn at the same time.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is plenty for us to do in Campbellsville. We just have to look and see what's out there.

As you can see, there are plenty of chances to have fun, learn and help others.