Proud parent of a soldier

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By The Staff

Watching our kids grow up, we always wonder what they will grow up to be. We try to help them, but eventually it will be their own decision. We can only hope and pray that they will make good choices as they get older.

That brings me to Pfc. Montrell Durham. Montrell was a graduate of Campbellsville High School, where he played football. He liked playing, but as his father, I don't think he had the drive or motivation to be an outstanding player.

We had talked about him going to college, but that just never seemed like an option with him. However, I never told him not to go. He worked at Lowe's for a while, then one day he told me he had signed up for the armed services. So the best thing for his mom and me to do at this point was to give him 100 percent support. I knew it was a dangerous job because when we think of military, we think of the negative parts instead of the positive.

What about the soldiers who have fought and still fight today for our freedom? Is the military really that bad? Turn on the news, isn't it depressing? You never hear or see anything good.

People have no regard for life. Look at what people do to children. Just take a look around us - alcoholism and addiction and the effects of both. What can these things do to our young people, parents, athletes, poor, rich, churches, etc.? How many are killed each year at the hands of someone under the influence?

There is war all around us. Well, the military isn't that bad, is it? They take young men and women and help get them in good physical and mental condition. They teach them self-motivation, dedication, team work and responsibility.

When Montrell graduated from basic, I was there. He was standing in formation, head held high with pride and dignity. Basic training is mentally and physically challenging. Montrell began basic as a private and finished as a private first-class. He was promoted for hard work and dedication.

May God bless all the soldiers who fight for our country!

Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called Sons of God.

Kenneth Durham