Project graduation fundraising continues

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By Calen McKinney

Fundraising for Campbellsville High School's project graduation ceremony has fallen a bit short this year.

Parents discussed the efforts to raise money for the drug- and alcohol-free party at last Monday's meeting of the Campbellsville School Board.

Representing the CHS project graduation committee, senior parent Terri Slinker asked the Board to consider contributing $1,000 to help pay for prom breakfast and the upcoming project graduation celebration.

Slinker said the group would like to raise $10,000 for the efforts, but is a bit short at $7,000.

She said the group wants to give each of Campbellsville High School's 47 graduates a gift bag with gifts that have a $100 value.

Of the $7,000 collected, she said, money has to be paid for renting a venue for the breakfast and providing senior T-shirts for students.

Slinker said the group has already hosted many fundraisers, the last being a pork barbecue sale this past Saturday at Walmart.

Nevertheless, she said, she believes the group has collected just about all it will be able to from the community.

Board members asked if the group has considered having a roadblock to solicit donations. Slinker said that was discussed, though the committee of seven parents has had issues scheduling times when they are all available.

Board Chair Pat Hall said some students and Board members might be willing to work such a roadblock.

She also said the local radio stations might be willing to allow students some airtime to talk about project graduation.

Board members have to focus their efforts on improving education, Hall said, and haven't reached out before to help individual school fundraising efforts.

Hall asked the group continue to fundraising and contact Superintendent Mike Deaton should parents continue to have trouble collecting money.

Academic Spotlight

This month's academic spotlight focused on Campbellsville Eagle Academy.

Tim Bailey, CEA director, told Board members that the academy has 20 spots, 10 each for Campbellsville high and middle school students. As of the meeting, there were nine CMS students and eight CHS students enrolled. And the CHS students are on track to graduate in a few weeks, he said.

To put those numbers in perspective, Bailey said, CHS has 262 students. During this school year, 13 of those, for 4 percent of the population, have attended CEA.

At CMS, he said, there are 362 students. Seventeen, or 4 percent, have attended classes at CEA.

When combined, he said, the figures show less than 10 percent of Campbellsville's students have attended CEA. Bailey said that might make some question whether an alternative school is needed in the district.

"It is essential," he said, to provide students an alternative way to learn and complete their high school diplomas.

And the low amount of students attending classes at CEA is a reflection of the district's staff members, he said, and the good job they do to keep students in the regular classroom.

Board member Angie Johnson said the majority of students attending CEA appear to be eighth-graders. She said it's good that if those students have problems, they are being addressed early in their education.

Bailey said it's his goal that students coming to CEA stay there for less than a semester. He said he stresses that to his students.

Bailey said he has heard other districts have discussed doing away with their alternative education programs and he is appreciative it has never been discussed at Campbellsville.

Also at the Meeting:

• In his monthly report, Deaton said the end-of-year testing window begins in two weeks and staff members are working to make sure targeted students who need extra help are getting it.

He said fans were recently installed in Hamilton Auditorium and will be up and running by graduation.

There has been some discussion with the Kentucky School Board Association about the district joining a lawsuit against Kentucky Utilities, alleging the company overcharged for its services. Deaton said the district would naturally like to avoid being involved with a lawsuit, but discussion will continue into the summer.

He said he has received word that Campbellsville Head Start students will be moving from their current location on Main Street. The head start building will be appraised for future sale, he said, and money from that could be used to build a softball field house behind the CMS building.

At press time, no other information was available about head start students moving. An official announcement about the move hasn't been made yet and, as such, several officials declined to comment on it.

• Board members approved a shortened school day for a student, along with the district's technology plan.

• A senior trip to Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio was approved.

• Bids were awarded to J&P Electric for labor and Musco Sports Lighting for the equipment to replace lighting at the CHS baseball and football field.

• Beth Wiedewitsch, Campbellsville Middle School guidance counselor, received the monthly faculty Dare to Soar award. On her nomination form, it was stated that she goes above and beyond the call of duty and is respected by students and staff.

• Academic Achievers for the month of April were announced. Chosen at CES are fourth-graders Destiny Hicks and Jake Dicken. CMS sixth-graders Jaylah Tucker and Dakota Reardon were chosen, as were CHS sophomores Hannah Ferguson and Antonio Barrera. More about the winners will be published in an upcoming issue.

• CMS state Beta winners Blair Lamb and Jeremiah Jackson were recognized.

• CES academic team regional winners were recognized. Fourth-grade members are Abi Wiedewitsch, Yuika Hanada and MaKayla Thompson. Fifth-grade members are John Orberson, Arren Hash, Gavin Johnson, Savanna Brockman, Cole Kidwell, Lauryn Agathen, Bailey Smith, Kaleigh Hunt and Bailey Thompson.

• Finance Director Chris Kidwell presented the District's financial report for March. Revenue was $825,837.29 and expenses totaled $1,047,575.40. The closing balance at the end of last month was $3,031,604.27.

Kidwell said he will present a tentative 2013-2014 budget at next month's meeting. Deaton said the budget will likely include some staffing cuts, as the school's funding continues to dwindle.

• Board members discussed personnel in closed session for 22 minutes. No action was taken.