Principal says county needs new elementary school

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Taylor County Elementary needs a new school.

When I began teaching at TCES in 1995, my fifth grade classroom was on the second floor of the 1939 wing. My walls would bubble up and burst open, spreading white powder over everything. Then, in 2003, I moved to the first floor of the 1939 wing. There I experienced moisture problems that actually caused my classroom library books to mold.

I left TCES to go to the middle school for nine years. Last year, I returned to TCES. I saw more issues with the building, such as leaks in the roof, mold on the walls, water backing up in the gym and moisture and smells throughout the building.

Many students and staff are experiencing allergy problems because of the building. While our custodians and maintenance do the best they can, they can only do so much. When walls are scrubbed to remove the mold, holes appear in the wall. I am told it is because there is so much moisture in the walls.

Many classes are over cap size and the space is not available for new classrooms.

If we are allowed to build new schools, the first school to be built will be a primary school in front of Taylor County Middle School. This will enable us to move preschool through second grade, half of our students, into the new building.

Those students left in our current building will be able to move to the 1955 building so the 1939 building can be closed. This will allow us time to remodel the middle school so the rest of our students can be moved to this building, which will be the new intermediate school.

On behalf of the more than 1,300 students and staff at Taylor County Elementary School, I ask for your support for new schools for Taylor County. Investing in our children is an investment in our future.

Donna Williams


Taylor County Elementary School